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Managed IT Services
  • We  monitor your systems and security 24/7. We proactively remediate or alert you when problems arise.

  • We manage and maintain your entire network including workstations, servers, wifi, internet connection, and more.

  • We offer simple, flat-rate billing to further simplify management of your IT. 

  • We build a custom IT roadmap for your business, then meet with you on a regular basis ensure your systems are up to date and secure.

  • We document your entire IT inventory, allowing us to quickly remediate issues and to help you manage your technology.

  • We manage and maintain your entire network including workstations, servers, wifi, internet connection, and more.


Server and Network Support
  • Replace or upgrade your current server to get the most out of available server technology today.

  • Protect your investment and maximize uptime with our monitoring and maintenance packages.

  • Establish fast, secure, reliable access to resources for employees on the go. VPN and remote access solutions include access on mobile devices.

  • Use the right firewall hardware and security practices to keep your data and network safe from intrusion and network viruses.

  • We support Windows, Mac, and cloud-based servers and file services. There’s almost no server technology we can’t help you with.

  • Set up your network properly to ensure maximum wifi coverage with minimum security risk.


Desktop and User Support
  • Schedule an appointment to get help on site, or call/email us for a faster response. We use powerful software to share your screen and get you help with a minimal wait.

  • Rest assured knowing that our advanced monitoring software checks all of your devices 24 hours per day, automatically alerting us to start working on your problems before they interrupt your work.

  • We help you organize, configure, update, and secure your mobile devices. We can help you access your company data from anywhere and lock down devices if they are lost or stolen.

  • Keep your workstations secure and protected from viruses, prying eyes, or thieves. Know where all of your machines are at all time and keep your data backed up 24/7.

  • You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade or replace your workstations thanks to our advanced monitoring system. When it is, we’ll make it seamless by helping you select the right equipment, then onboarding it with minimal user impact.


Security and Virus Protection
  • Protect workstations and devices from malware, viruses, loss, and theft with powerful, automatic security software and antivirus.

  • We offer security services tuned specifically for servers. Add 24/7 scanning, backup, and security monitoring with the click of a button.

  • Control over employee data is often overlooked by busy companies. We help you organize and set up secure, controlled access for employees.

  • We assess your security with our deep security audit focusing on hardware, cloud, physical security, retention, policy, and more.


Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Continuous, 24/7 backup of company data.

  • Our modern backup solutions keep multiple versions of files, holding a 30 day history of old versions. Roll back to the version you need in just minutes.

  • We back up entire server configurations to “image files” to offer a full restore to a new physical or virtual location in case of server damage or loss.

  • Disaster Recovery is the next generation in backup and recovery of  servers. Disaster Recovery allows us to restore an entire server in hours, not days.

  • Not all company data is stored on in-house servers. We offer services to back up, monitor, and recover your cloud data. Protect your company from cloud downtime or data loss.

  • Our backup can protect all workstations, including those on the go. Protect sales data, executive laptops, and other mobile data with our centrally managed cloud backup software.


Email and Cloud Services
  • Use the same email services that over 75% of Fortune 500 companies and top universities use. With Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Exchange server you’ll get the world’s best email, calendar, and contact systems.

  • With the power of the cloud, you’ll have access to company data everywhere you  go, on any device. You’ll have powerful productivity features on phones, tablets, and guest machines.

  • Take full advantage of mobile devices (even employee-owned devices) with mobile access and sync tools. Access email, calendar, contacts, documents, and even applications from anywhere.

  • Keep your company email under control with advanced tools for email retention and archiving. You control email retention policies for legal purposes, you keep a copy of all email, even if an employee deletes it, and you legally own all email content. Don’t take risks with legally binding communications, take control over company email.

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MEET WhiteCrow IT

Customized Business IT

We work with many types of IT customers with unique needs and very different budget levels. We craft an IT plan and budget for each customer to help them get the best value and strategically select their services and products.

Personal User Support

We provide on-site expert, friendly technical support to business, home and home office users. Unlike repair shops, we have a strong emphasis on explanation, friendly communication, and training.

Friendly Local Helpdesk

Our full time help desk team is at your service when you need them most. We offer remote assistance, on-site visits, and online resources such as our advanced ticketing system and customer knowledge base.

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99 percent of computers are vulnerable to exploit kits
Heimdal Security]

Almost all computers are vulnerable to hacking exploit kits. These provide tools for people wanting to profit from cyber crime, often containing
pre-written exploit codes that target users running insecure or outdated software on their computers.Most computers run software such as Adobe Flash or Reader, software known to have critical weaknesses. This makes them easy targets for cybercriminals.

52 percent of small businesses experienced cyber security breaches in the past year
Cyber Security breaches survey 2017, page 39]

As businesses grow in size, so too do the number of attempted cyber attacks they experience. It makes sense: the larger the target, the bigger the potential payoff for cyber criminals. Therefore, the more you grow, the more you need effective an IT security plan.

Small firms only invested £2,600 in cyber security in 2017
Cyber Security breaches survey, page 21]

Considering how much businesses had to pay out last year due to cyber security breaches, this is a surprising figure. Small firms don’t appear willing to invest properly in their cyber defense; £2,600 is approximately how much it would cost just to get antivirus cover for your business. Nowadays, with cyber criminals becoming ever more inventive, this isn’t enough on its own.​

60 percent of small firms don’t know the source of the most disruptive cyber security breach or attack in the last twelve months
Cyber Security breaches survey 2017, page 50]

Small businesses should be proactive in their IT security. If you can anticipate and avoid any attacks, the likelihood of surviving one increases dramatically.​

Only 39 percent of small firms have formal policies covering cyber security risks in 2017
Cyber Security Breaches Survey, page 31]

This is a worrying trend. Without a proper cyber security policy in place, you increase your risk of a suffering from a data breach or other cyber attack. If your staff don’t know how to handle data and IT systems safely, it’s only a matter of time before their mistakes allow hackers to breach your security.​

72 percent of businesses have been affected by fraudulent emails
Cyber Security Breaches Survey, page 41]

When training is lax and knowledge minimal, it’s easier for cybercriminals to mount a successful attack on your business. Fraudulent emails should be relatively easy to spot but if your employees don’t know what they are looking for, breaches are likely.​

On average, it takes 120 days for a business to discover a data breach
Institute of Directors]

That’s approximately four months of unfettered access to your data for any cyber criminal. In that amount of time, who knows the damage they could do to your business, or worse, your clients.

89 percent of cyber security policies are related to remote or mobile working
Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, page 32]

Mobile and remote working is increasingly becoming the norm, and more and more employers are allowing workers to bring their own devices to work. As these devices are less likely to have the same level of security as company-owned technology, they’re an attractive target for cyber criminals.​

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